Friday, 5 August 2011

Tetris clone on Android: Day 2

Hi guys! I've been working on the design of my Tetris clone game and some minor adjustments like adding hold and drop function. The design is a bit rough. I even forgot to have my power nap :D. I was having fun doing this. I would also like to share to you about vibrations on Android. It would be nice if the user can feel they clicked on something by adding a what they call "Haptic Feedback". So I added a vibrate function and add it in my game engine.

This is how to initialize a Vibration on Android:

Vibrator vibrator =(Vibrator)getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE);

To make your Android device vibrate, you need to call the vibrate() method with a parameter of type float which is the time needed for it to vibrate.


I still need to refine the input system cause it seems a little bit off when using.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Tetris clone on Android

Hi guys! Today, I'm back to developing Android applications and my first step is making a tetris clone. I based it  on my XNA implementation of tetris a year ago. The code that I followed is made by Javier Lopez's tutorial on making a tetris clone in C++ (Credits to him I learned a lot when I was still studying :D). He has a very good and clean code (Clean enough for C++ implementation) which made it easy to implement on various platforms including Android (Windows, XBOX, iPhone, name it!). I've gone through many tutorials on making a Tetris clone but this ones the best I could see (I bought a book before about game development which has a chapter focusing on developing a tetris clone, It sucks! It's so language specific and complex).

My Tetris clone in a Emulator
I based my work on my dirty game engine. I'm still continuing to develop this app and I will base my future game (Similar yet very different to tetris) on this. I'm glad to be back on developing Android applications! :D

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wallpapers Part 2

Hi everyone,

I will post new android wallpapers I just made recently. Hope you like it. You can also download all of the wallpapers here.

Monday, 1 August 2011

My feelings Wallpaper

Hi guys! Today, me and girlfriend celebrated our years of love and happiness together :D (I can't count the number of months with my fingers and toes already). I'd like to share to you images that I created in Adobe Photoshop about some of my feelings that I experience every time I receive money. I made this out of wanting to manifest abundance in my life. Check these out:

I would like to make more wallpapers about feelings. I made them as simple as possible, emphasizing the text in the center.

You can download the 4 of these wallpapers here.