Friday, 5 August 2011

Tetris clone on Android: Day 2

Hi guys! I've been working on the design of my Tetris clone game and some minor adjustments like adding hold and drop function. The design is a bit rough. I even forgot to have my power nap :D. I was having fun doing this. I would also like to share to you about vibrations on Android. It would be nice if the user can feel they clicked on something by adding a what they call "Haptic Feedback". So I added a vibrate function and add it in my game engine.

This is how to initialize a Vibration on Android:

Vibrator vibrator =(Vibrator)getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE);

To make your Android device vibrate, you need to call the vibrate() method with a parameter of type float which is the time needed for it to vibrate.


I still need to refine the input system cause it seems a little bit off when using.


  1. Your design looks great!! but it seems familiar...

  2. yeah! it looks like the official tetris game on android

  3. It looks great! Hey, can I the images you used in your app??