Friday, 22 July 2011

Angry Birds: Why I love them

Angry Birds

Everyone knows them. Everyone loves them. Everyone is a big fan of them. They have them on their smart phones, browsers, stuffed toys, wallpapers, bags, t-shirts, they are everywhere you can imagine! Angry Birds is like a virus spreading everywhere. This enjoyable physics game is so much fun. It has been a big hit since it was made. The game play is so addicting. I can't even take my eyes off it. The objectives is simple, destroy all pigs with those birds. You, as a player, are armed with a slingshot to throw those birds to were the greedy pigs are hiding. You can directly destroy them, or hit structures that will fall to them (That certainly hurts in real life too :D).

When I was a game development trainee back then. I always play Crush The Castle 2 on I became addicted to it, the game was fun, I can throw various weapons to castles (my favorite is the poison potion thingy that melts everything in its wake). After I finished the game, I was looking for similar games, so I searched google on "Throwing Games, Physics, etc." and found Angry Birds. First impression was the characters are cute (notice their eyebrows??? :D). So I watched a video in you tube about it. I said "SHIT THEY'RE THROWING THE BIRDS!!!". God I was shocked. It was very funny, I enjoyed watching the game (I even forgot my work). The time I bought my Android handset, I immediately downloaded Angry Birds, played it, until 3 in the morning (Wahahhahahha :D I still have my job back then).

Hours of crushing objects, green colored pigs, and the birds faces (Notice that when the bird lands on anything). Each Angry Bird has its unique special moves which adds more fun to the game. Destroying structures with your wits is very fun. Whats more? You could have more fun with their free updates. I always wonder why the pigs are GREEN. You could download the game on Android here.

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