Monday, 25 July 2011

Meet my Android: Samsung Galaxy 5 (I5500)

Yeah! this is my Android smartphone. The Samsung i5500 (more known in the Philippines as Samsung Galaxy 5). It is powered by Eclair (Android 2.1, upgradable to 2.2) with 2MP camera, GPS, Accelerometer, 240X320 pixels 2.8 inch display. Because its Android, you'll get most of it with all the apps in the market, all the tweaks and hacks available to it (I recommend reading this blog if you want to upgrade your Samsung i5500 to Android v2.2).

Make everyone drool by adding high powered apps and games that makes your Samsung i5500 into a Nintendo DS (this happened when I add Inotia 3 on my phone). Be an IT Expert by adding different networking tools, web development applications, code viewers, and different home brewed apps you made. Show your business partners your presentation works, business flowcharts, and financial statistics, using your personal "Android" assistant (PAA instead of PDA). That's how powerful your Samsung i5500 will be (not to mention google's apps like YouTube, Music Player, etc). Whats more? its one of the cheapest in the market! There's more to discover when it comes to Android. You('ll) know what I mean.

I made my phone go super soldier by upgrading it to Android 2.2 with a lot of unlocked features like App2SD and Bluetooth/USB/Wifi Thetering. Rooted it to add more power using Universal Androot. Added with root only apps (careful installing root only apps, not all are as helpful as you think). WARNING: Doing these things require more responsibility to the user.

Part 3 of this post is the cons of this phone. First impression, short battery life. Yeah most phone does die out. Constantly freezes when you use a hard core app (particularly HD games, try restarting your phone if it does). Samsung's Kies, their PC-Android smartphone sync software, is very buggy and you need 1gb of RAM just to run that software (Thank God I love Android, or else... :D).

You want Android at a very affordable price with a good customer service? Why not try Samsung i5500 (Galaxy 5) out.


  1. Saan ka naka bili nyan??

  2. do you have a tutorial or link on how to root that phone?