Friday, 22 July 2011

Fruit Ninja: Enter the clan

Feel like being in the "Ninja World" of Naruto? Is your hands as fast as the "Yellow Flash". Are you craving for fruits? Here's your chance to be a  part of the Fruit Ninja Clan!

One of the best games I played on my Android phone is Fruit Ninja. An excellent action game wherein players slash fruits to score up. As what Sensei (The old man you always see on the game) says: Ninjas Hate Fruits. Its very addictive and challenging. It features worldwide leaderboards via OpenFeint, making you want to be on top of all Ninjas scattered across the world. It has 3 game plays: Classic for slashing fruits and evading bombs, Zen mode for time trialed action, and the new Arcade mode which features power ups. You can also unlock a number of swords and backgrounds that you will use in the game. This game is satisfyingly fun! You'll never take your eyes off of it.

Are you up for the action? Download the game on Android here. You can also view their website.


  1. i wanna be a part :D on my android milestone i got 715 in fruit ninja but in my ipod i got 976 and please help on my android its slow running!!

  2. Cool stats dude! and yeah, it tends to get slow on some android devices. Probably because of different hardware specs of android devices.

    BTW: there are other (Fruit) ninjas out there with surprisingly big scores. Try contacting them and compete with them. I tend to do this to add up the heat (+BraggingRights).