Thursday, 28 July 2011

Chikka for Android

Chikka: STILL the best way to send FREE TEXT MESSAGES to the philippines.

What's with the big "STILL"? because it is now available on your Android Device! :D Imagine all you can text with this app. Chikka has made a lot of improvements on their services: like their desktop version, facebook app, iPhone, and Android. There are many ways to send text messages on the web, but Chikka is proven and tested. Used by a lot of Filipinos to send free text messages via the internet. Users can chat or send text messages to everyone using the internet. That's good news to everyone. So why waste your cellphone load if there is a way to send free text messages?

Too good to be true? well, not much. There are some flaws to this app (Though I don't get these flaws usually). Some say that they cannot receive the messages (sometimes late) while others cannot view their buddy list. But all these does not keep you from sending free text messages so no worries.

For new users, all you need is to register in Chikka. It's easy to register, you only need to provide your mobile number and your email address. Now, you can send free text messages without wasting your cellphone load, even when you're abroad! (outside the Philippines of course :D)

Download this app in the market here.

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