Friday, 15 July 2011

Rooting Android

Hey! look at my rooted phone, it's so cool!

I am using my phone to study Linux

Rooting? What the hell is that by the way?

Rooting your Android phone is the process of attaining a "root" access (Linux account that, by default, has all access to all commands and files on its system) within Android's Linux subsystem. You may not have noticed it, but manufacturers of your phone limits you from some of its capabilities (including the hardcore ones :D). Your phone might be able to support multi-touching capabilities, sharing your mobile data connection via USB or Bluetooth, or even make your phone a WIFI hotspot. Cool isn't it? There are even more capabilities to be discovered from your phone by rooting your Android device. Here are some things you can do with a rooted device:

  • Custom ROMS
  • Fancy Themes and UI
  • Performance Boosts
  • Unlock unavailable features
  • Hardware tweaks, overclocks, etc.
  • Root-only apps
  • and many more!
Cool. Totally cool dude!

Hey! Were not done yet. There's a catch when you try rooting your Android device. If you overdo things, like overclocking to the highest level, you might brick your phone. It will be rendered useless. No wonder why manufacturers limit our phone's capabilities :D. So be responsible when you are already in root.

So how do we root Android-powered devices? 
There are many ways, actually. Some of them are specific to a device. But there are apps that make your phone go root. Just a click or 2, your phone can now go ninja :D.

I use Universal Androot which can be found here. There are others like Z4Root. Place the .apk file in your sdcard then click it to run the installer. Make sure that you enable installing non-market applications which can be found in Settings > Applications > Unknown sources. Then run Universal Androot or Z4Root. You will see a button that will make your device root-enabled. Click it and you will rule your device! (Check Universal Androot to see what I'm talking :D)

This is the UI of Universal Androot

Cool design of Z4Root

Congratulations! Your phone is now rooted. Go to the Android Market for root-only applications and equip your device with powerful tools.

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